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Mel’s Toffee

Mel’s Toffee

Mel’s Toffee is a family-owned business based in Michigan. “Mel” is an acronym for Michelle, Erin, and Lauren, the three ladies behind the business. Michelle’s husband is the silent partner, since his first initial didn’t fit in the acronym. Together, this couple and their two daughters (the “E” and the “L” in Mel) make some of the world’s finest premium toffee.

Using top-notch ingredients and a deliberate drizzle technique for their chocolate (you’re buying toffee, aren’t you? And chocolate is to toffee as icing is to cake), Mel’s created a tasty treat so wonderful that it received a high ranking and prestigious awards in an International Toffee Tasting Competition.

And the International Toffee Tasting Competition judges aren’t the only ones to give Mel’s their seal of approval. Happy customers have put Mel’s Toffee in cookies, ice cream, and even beer. Plenty have eaten the confection in all its varieties straight out of the bags.

The business owners and candy-makers behind Mel’s Toffee swear up and down that no customer has ever returned a bag of their toffee out of dissatisfaction with what’s inside. There was one time when a customer returned the empty bag hoping for a refill – but that was dissatisfaction with his own choices: he should have bought a bigger bag.

Visit Mel’s Toffee at their website to meet the makers and put the Michigan-made premium toffee to the test. Michelle (the “M” in Mel) says that one bite of Mel’s Toffee is never enough. So if you’re looking for your new favorite snack, you may have found it.

You can find Mel’s award-winning toffee and other extraordinary American-made products at the Lap Around America store in Branson, Missouri.

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