There was a time when Loveland was an agricultural city, boasting the largest cherry orchard west of the Mississippi River. It sold the fruits of this orchard and others for more than $1 million per year. And while drought, blight, and a brutal freeze may have killed Loveland’s cherry industry for good, Loveland itself lived on, reinventing itself with new industries, art – and its delightful Valentine re-mailing program.

Loveland is situated along the route to Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park. More than a convenient stopping-off place, Loveland is a great place to visit and stay. Its large community of artists has decorated the city with public art displays, including sculptures and murals. Nature has done her part as well, gracing the area around Loveland with awesome natural beauty, including rock formations like the Devil’s Backbone.

Even if Loveland isn’t on your itinerary, you can still add a touch of its magic to Valentine’s Day through its Valentine re-mailing program. For 75 years, Valentine’s Day celebrants have delighted their sweethearts and loved ones by having their cards and letters re-mailed from the Land of Love itself. It’s a lovely and much celebrated tradition that continues to this day.

Worth Checking Out

  • Devil’s Backbone Open Space
  • Benson Sculpture Garden
  • Boyd Lake State Park
  • Loveland Museum

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