As the first bean-to-bar chocolate company in Arkansas, KYYA proudly bridges the gap between chocolate lovers and farmers from around the world. After volunteering in a Ugandan orphanage and seeing the immense need first hand, the founders wanted to find a way to build lasting relationships in these communities and provide meaningful support.

So they decided on chocolate! KYYA pays above fair trade prices for cacao beans and, where they can, owns their supply chains entirely. After honing their recipes over time, they’ve produced 15 different small-batch, single-origin chocolate bars and a variety of chocolate syrups, all of which maximize flavor without any additives.

Beyond that, KYYA gives 10% of their profits back to those in need to reaffirm their commitment to the farmers and others they work with.

You can find Kyya Chocolate and other extraordinary American-made products at the Lap Around America store in Branson, Missouri.

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