Cheyenne cropped up along the path of the transcontinental railroad shortly after the Civil War. The Territory of Wyoming made Cheyenne its capital, and when Wyoming became a state in 1890, the city kept this honor.

Today, Cheyenne’s history is on display at the annual Frontier Days, a huge celebration of the Wild West and the world’s largest outdoor rodeo.

The city’s natural history is on display as well: at Vedauwoo, hikers can climb natural sculptures created by the elements. The views from these rock formations are some of the best the West has to offer, with miles of the American plains stretching to the horizon.

For those who want to explore the West while looking the part, The Wrangler sells Western clothing and accessories perfect for the ranch and rodeo. This retail outlet consists of two buildings with a combined 13,000 square feet of space brimming with cowboy hats, jeans, leather jackets, and more.

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