Boulder, Colorado sits nestled between two icons of the American West: the Great Plains and the Rocky Mountains. However, this advantageous placement is not Boulder’s only claim to fame. Legend has it that pioneer women once glimpsed certain geologic formations in the distance and noted a likeness between the sandstone slabs and the irons they used on clothes. That is how Boulder’s most famous landmark got stuck with a name like The Flatirons. But don’t be fooled by the unassuming nickname; The Flatirons are iconic for a reason.

Be sure to make some time in your stay to explore Boulder’s historic downtown, which has Pearl Street at its heart. The broad walkways are paved with brick. Here and there, street performers entertain appreciative crowds. The restaurants are so many and so varied that one magazine named Pearl Street one of the best streets in America for foodies. There are plenty of shops to duck into as well, and if you’re a bit footsore after all the fun, just choose a bench and people-watch for a while.

Worth Checking Out

  • The Flatirons
  • Pearl Street


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