Submitted by Cheryl from Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Ok, ok….so we know that Canada isn’t in the US, but it is TECHNICALLY America…and well, these photos added Banff to our bucket list in about 2.2 seconds! The Canadian Rockies are truly stunning!

I am blessed to be so close to be able to access nature near the Canadian Rockies on a whim and being situated so close to many natural getaway areas being in Calgary. We have so many great hiking trails in Kananaskis country, lakes for water sports, or desert badlands in Drumheller that it provides many wonderful options to select from.

Life can be intense at times and it is good to be intentional with one’s well being. To plan or spontaneously do a retreat where one is at can literally change the atmosphere. For me, going to the Banff area is always a welcome retreat. Recently, I was able to check out the Two Jack Lake, Lake Minnewanka and Bow Falls before settling down to have dinner at one of Banff’s many wonderful restaurants.

Between time walking around, hanging around the lake, and hearing the rush of the waterfalls is a welcome change to take in to refresh and renew one’s spirit. I highly recommend taking a moment to pause in life and take in your surroundings…it will help you live life rather than it living you.

We couldn’t with agree Cheryl more….time exploring the natural world is always good for the soul. Where is your favorite natural getaway?

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