Fire & Smoke Society

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Fire & Smoke Society was born when two outdoor cooking enthusiasts – already the owners of a little grill company in Little Rock – decided they wanted to master the entire grilling and smoking experience, and to help others master it, too.

Scott and Brian have since developed an entire line of grilling and smoking materials, from charcoal to spices to sauces.

They have put time, money, and seemingly endless thought into crafting products to take outdoor cooking to the next level.

Their mission is simple: to make your food taste good.

Fire & Smoke Society spice mixes come with names like The Usual (a blend that tastes so good on so much it will likely become your go-to seasoning) and Chicka Licka Bam Bam (inspired by the great state of Louisiana), all designed and taste-tested to make your outdoor cooking party one to remember.


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