Big Cedar Lodge

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The history of Big Cedar Lodge stretches back to before the lake it overlooks was even a lake, back to the 1920s, when two men, one an entrepreneur and the other a railroad executive, chose the spot called Big Cedar Hollow as the site of their country homes.

A smaller resort was built upon the sale of the property after the Great Depression, and the White River was dammed in 1958 to create Table Rock Lake.

In 1987, the founder of Bass Pro Shops, Johnny Morris, bought the land, restored the country homes of those first two owners, and began building.

Today, Big Cedar Lodge is called the number one resort in the Midwest.

At 4,600 acres, the place is filled with the landscapes and wildlife only the Ozarks can offer.

Its wilderness setting and lodge-style housing make it a great way to escape into nature without ever leaving modern comforts too far behind.

And with activities and attractions (including guided tours, golf, horseback riding, water sports, and educational opportunities) that can be enjoyed by the whole family, Big Cedar Lodge has something to offer everyone.


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