Reverie Coffee and Tea House, Rogers, Arkansas

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There are places in this world that are worth the hunt it takes to find them and Reverie Coffee and Tea House is one of those.  A step inside this out of the way coffee shop reveals a thoughtful minimalist design that puts the star of the show front and center- lovingly and expertly prepared coffee and tea.

Greeted by the owner, Gina Stroud, with a cheerful, “hi friends!” one is immediately set at ease in this bright, airy space.  Each item on the seasonally rotating menu is intentionally created, and thoughtfully prepared with the finest of ingredients.  Even those that don’t love beverages steeped and brewed in hot water will find something of interest here.  Her standard menu features everything from simple espresso and matcha shots to healthy mixtures of beetroot and rose, but her seasonal beverages are always works of art! Our personal favorites right now are the Dr. Jekyll Latte, a luscious concoction of  vanilla bean,  peppermint,  espresso and oat milk and the Mr. Hyde Mocha: Ecuador dark chocolate, vanilla bean, cayenne, cinnamon, espresso, whole milk. You can check out a couple of her fine beverage recipes over on our sister site, FTLO Chocolate.  

No shabby baker herself, Gina has curated snacks and baked goods from local businesses and features them in beautiful ways. If you are lucky though, every now and then, you can catch one of her confections gracing her display case- if you do, don’t miss it- you are sure to find an item prepared with love.  

Baked goods at Reverie in Rogers, AR

Speaking of art, take a gander downstairs to the The Art Gallery at Reverie curated by Gina’s husband, James.  With quarterly rotating exhibitions that span from realism to the surreal, you are sure to find something that interests you! 

I’m not sure if the espresso is just stronger at Reverie, but colors do seem brighter with one of Gina’s beverages in your hands.  Time just seems to stand still there.  It’s a place where grace abounds and deep breaths abound.  So the next time you are in Northwest Arkansas, take a little trip out just past Downtown Rogers- it will be worth the drive!



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