Hermine’s Old World Confections, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

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Every now and then our wayward travelers stumble into a local spotlight that features an intersection of two things we love let’s say….fanatically….Travel and chocolate.  When that happens we collaborate with our sister blog, FTLO Chocolate.  Kendall found this amazing confectionery in Idaho while traveling the western states this fall.  We loved what she had to say about Hermine’s Old World Confections so much, we had to share it with you. 

Hermine's Old World Confections

Once upon a fairy tale time, artistic souls added spice to the mundane in life.  As scribes tediously copied manuscripts, they illuminated the page with bold strokes of fantasy and beauty. Clocks were not just time-keeping devices, but stately poems from a master carver. The walls of Hermine’s Old World Confections shop are a landscape of those traditions.  Cuckoo clocks echo from another era, one before etchings were replaced by photocopies and hand-spun wool gave way to spandex.  Imported toys; ornate clocks with intricate figures frozen in pastoral life; and collectibles like a tiny tin stove with miniature utensils and a delftware backsplash peer out from the perimeter of the space.  But center stage is clearly the beautiful displays of cakes, confections and classic German sweets…Read more here.


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