TOP 5 PLACES TO EAT: Kansas City

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Whether your cup of tea is Kansas City, Missouri or Kansas City, Kansas you can’t deny there are plenty of insanely good eateries across the board!

The idea for Joe’s KC BBQ started cooking in 1990 all because of a barbecue contest. The owners, Jeff and Joy Stehney, loved it so much that they, together with a few friends, formed a barbecue team. They called it Slaughterhouse Five. The Slaughterhouse Five crafted some really, REALLY good BBQ and started winning contest after contest after contest…and so on. Jeff and Joy had become good friends with Joe Don Davidson, founder and owner of the Oklahoma Joe’s Smoker Company. Under the heady influence of barbecue smoke, Jeff and Joe decided to go into the restaurant business together and in 1996 the original gas station restaurant opened in Kansas City, Kansas!

Los Tules has some serious tex-mex food that cannot be beat! This bright cantina sits in downtown Kansas City, Missouri…just a short walk away from the Kauffman Center for Performing Arts.

Cafe Gratitude is an expression of a world of plenty and the food and people serve as celebration of our aliveness. Their mission is to use only the finest organic ingredients, in order to honor the earth and ourselves, and to do everything sustainably. They support local farmers, sustainable agriculture, and use all environmentally-friendly products. Their cafe uses solar panels and the tables are all made out of reclaimed wood, they even have a farm, Be Love Too, that produces organically grown microgreens for the cafe!

This little chicken joint actually use to be a BBQ joint if you can believe it! Stroud’s started out as a BBQ restaurant by Guy and Helen Stroud in 1933. The road house remained a BBQ restaurant until World War II. During the war, because beef was being rationed, Helen Stroud started serving up the pan-fried chicken Kansas City loves today! Located in North Kansas City, Missouri, Oak Ridge Manor is housed in an expanded 1829 log cabin and farmhouse.

We ALL know Guy Fieri…Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives was a staple in my house growing up and his restaurants are spread across the nation. The American roadhouse look and feel of this Dive & Taco Joint is informed by the thousands of locally legendary restaurants, bars and all-around dives that he’s visited around the country!


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